Turn'd Up Videos and Photography

I work with Turn’d Up Fitness regularly producing videos and taking photographs.

I offer a number of different packages, depending on what type of video you want…

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Class Video


For this I’d come to one of your classes to film.  You’d pick a song.  The girls would have to dance to the same song 3-4 times, so I can get different angles. I usually find it’s best if you teach the song (even if the girls already know it), then I can get some footage of you teaching also.

Interview Video


These contain interviews, and this makes it more expensive because I need better sound equipment and it takes longer to edit. For this I’d interview 2-4 girls about your class. I’d come to class 45 minutes before it starts and do the interviews (this could be done after, but I find the girls prefer to before, because afterwards they are sweaty). Then it’s the same as a class video, you pick a song and dance it 3-4 times, I’d film getting different angles.

Location Video


We’d decide on a cool looking location to film at. Then you’d pick a song, and we’d spend about an hour at the location filming it. I’d say you’d want between 1-5 dancers, no more. We’d have to have some sort of speaker to play the song. And I’d film the routine about 3-4 times.

Class Photoshoot


The most common type of photoshoot is when I come to your class and take candid photos whilst the class is going on.  I can do a posed group photo of the class before it starts, but the bulk of the photos will be action shots of your pupils dancing.  The idea is you forget I’m there and carry on with the class as normal.

You can expect approximately 100 photos from an hour class.  I’d turn up 30 minutes before the class starts to set up my equipment.

Studio/Location Photoshoot


This type of photoshoot involves us either going to a studio or cool looking location and staging the photos.  You might take a couple of different changes of clothes.

Costs depend on how long the shoot lasts for, which is normally 2 hours (which would cost £75).  Any studio hire fees would be added on to my rate.

In the past, if I see enough good footage in the edit for 2 videos then I’ll send you 2 for no extra charge. But for the above prices we go in with the idea of making one video, any extras would be a bonus and depends on the a variety of things like how full the class is and how good the girls are on camera.

The final video would be about 60-90 seconds. Social media users tune out after 2 minutes, so we aim to keep them short and sweet.